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The Journey was started at Asia’s biggest Business Competition, IIT Bombay’s Eureka. It took more than 2 years to shape this Innovative Idea. We made it to the finals but did not win. And after a year again we made it to the finals at CCAMP’s annual BIRAC competition. Later, we received the Students Innovation Award 2019 from IGNOU University and was nominated for the IIC-National Innovation Contest of MHRD’s Innovation Cell contest 2020. Our work featured in the “Ennovate '' Jan 2020 edition.


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Kailash Mehra is a renowned optometrist, yoga master, and the founder of Preksha Eye Yoga. He holds a Master's degree in Yoga and has completed a post-graduate diploma in Pediatric Optometry and a fellowship in Pediatric Optometry.

With his extensive knowledge in both optometry and yoga, Kailash Mehra has developed a unique approach to eye care that combines traditional yoga techniques with modern optometry practices. His holistic system of eye exercises and relaxation techniques has helped thousands of people improve their eyesight, reduce eye strain, and prevent eye diseases.

In addition to his work with Preksha Eye Yoga, Kailash Mehra has worked as an optometrist and vision therapist, helping children and adults overcome various visual impairments. He is a strong advocate for children's eye health and has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on pediatric optometry.

With his unique combination of expertise in optometry and yoga, Kailash Mehra is a highly respected figure in the world of alternative medicine and natural healing. He continues to promote his holistic approach to eye care and inspire others to take charge of their own health and well-being. 

he has won several national & International awards for his research & works. his articles and research papers has been published in reputed journals. currently He is the Nidhi EiR (National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations (NIDHI) Entrepreneur in residence at IIT ROORKEE

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Practice Eye Yoga Anytime, Anywhere.

Most people who wear glasses, need some yoga exercises to be retrained the Eyes. Eye Yoga Exercises (EYEs) help to relax and retrain the eye muscles to focus without strain and work more efficiently.  It’s a natural vision improvement program which helps people prevent and reduce eyesight problems without any surgery, Lasik or Laser. All this is achieved through Eye Yoga Exercises.


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