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2 Months Program

2 Month Program (8 Protocols) 

Please prepare before the session and keep all necessary items with you. 

Practice each protocol for 1 week continuously.

These 8 protocols will help you to get rid of the stress-strain of the eyes. It follows a combined approach which detoxifies the eyes, improves blood circulation in the optic nerves and eye muscles. It also helps reduce eye stress, tension, irritation, eye strain, computer vision syndrome and will improve vision naturally. 


wish you healthy & strong eyes! 

(*Preksha Eye Yoga Kit is Mandatory)

Preksha Eye Yoga: Key to success

Preksha Eye Yoga is specially designed for quick and easy vision improvement. Remember that this is not magic. But if you do it honestly and make a sincere effort for yourself, to improve your vision then it can show you the magic.  And it is up to you how devotionally you follow Preksha Eye Yoga. In this video, I am telling you some tips which will be a key to success in achieving a Perfect vision 6/6.


wish you healthy & strong eyes! 

Good Luck!

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